Business hub

Desk, meeting and training space

The Business Hub offers open desk space for people who don’t want to the hassles or expense of renting private offices, who are looking for a table to work on without the distractions of their homes and coffee shops, or who are tired of working in isolation.

GLOWS has a large open-plan desk area where people can book desks. This can be unlimited access during opening hours to a fixed desk space, or “hot-desking” with unlimited access or a certain number of hours per month during opening hours.

A fixed desk is reserved solely for the use of the person who has booked it. It means that your desk is yours for the duration of your membership and it will always be available when you come in.

Hot-desking means that there is no desk is reserved for you, but you can occupy any desk that is free when you come in that is not booked as a fixed desk

Meeting rooms, training and computer hub

The Business Hub at GLOWS also has two small private rooms that can accommodate small meetings or give you a quiet space for that confidential phone call and to avoid disturbing the other members.

GLOWS also has a larger room that can be used for meetings and training. This room has a large table and 8 computer work stations. It can accommodate 8-12 people.